Moving Along


Things have been fantastic, I am the happiest I have been in a very long time and look forward to every waking moment. My life has taken so many different turns and I am now following a path that creates nothing but joy when I see it from an outside view. I radiate forgiveness and happiness, so I’ve been told by those who know my past life experiences; they say “I’ve jumped on the abundance train”. I think this is hilarious and not necessarily true as I haven’t changed who I am, more so just my perspective.

Have you guys been keeping up with my other posts? I haven’t received any feedback or emails so if you would like to personally contact me (hint, hint) regarding writing inquires or if you have any questions about what’s going on with all the changes, you can email me at the link below or visit my contact page!

Ahhhhhh, my childhood.

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Decisions Are Being Made


"These boots are made for walking."

“These boots are made for walking.”

For all those who have been following my little blog, you are aware that I have family in Victoria, British Columbia. I have put a lot of thought into what is coming next and I have made the decision to move to the island and spend the next few years of my life studying writing at the University of Victoria. This will perhaps be one of the biggest decisions of my life and I am blessed to have thought of it on such short notice; simply following intuition. A moving company In Victoria BC with be helping me with my move, as grateful as I am for their services I really do believe they should receive a shout out from me. We Haul Cheap LTD does Canada-Wide moving and has helped hundreds of people with scenarios like mine; wanting change.

The man who owns the company was recommended to me by my uncle, he has done a lot of business with the owner with moving and hauling services and I trust my uncles judgement. I will say one thing though, I live a distance and I am a tad bit nervous about the valuables I have tucked away that belonged to my grandmother. Fragile, valuable, and most certainly carrying a lot of sentimental value. I would be crushed if these items were to break. Thank you uncle, this post is for you.

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Find Balance


I truly believe balance is of the utmost importance in this life, we all should strive to live in harmony and move with such fluidity that all thought, feeling, and motion is effortless. You can either choose to have your emotions on “auto pilot” or you can choose to control them. This is a HUGE challenge, but it can be done and with the right state of mind being in constant practice you can begin to shape your life. Being a child is so much fun, living in a world of fantasy I have been consistently applying to my life and I am currently seeing amazing results!

Find new ways to bring joy into your world, it’s absolutely fantastic when you begin to see the changes that a little shift in focus can do. I have recently begun finding these that make me feel uncomfortable and doing everything I truly can to make myself accustom to the feelings that those things give me; making me no longer fearful of the experiences. This is by far one of the most challenging practices I have endured but it is soothing in the sense that I no longer feel uncomfortable around big dogs! I have conquered the fear! (to a degree)… One step at a time right?

Enjoy your evening, please and thank you. ; ]

Ms. King

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Tackle it

I ended my last post on the topic of choice, being grateful for the fact that we all have choices and that our choices shape our outer reality. You can either choose to help someone up when they’re down or you can stomp on their shins to keep them from getting up. What would you choose? I personally can’t fathom the idea of someone choosing to stomp on anyone’s shins, unless the intent of that individual was to harm the innocent. I choose to live a life that I will be able to look back on and say to myself “I made a decision here, and this decision changed my life”. Regardless as to what the decision is, I could have made another one, but I chose to make that one. It brought me here, and today I am grateful.

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Last night

Emotional Dance

Last night I was a little emotional, not in the sense that I was upset; that’s entirely off course. What I felt was joy, and I wanted to express my gratitude through a little words of appreciation for my past support systems and my current support system. I live in a beautiful apartment building where I have a view of the water and choose to meditate daily.. Helping me with my sanity? Most certainly, I’ve truly begun to FEEL the way I want to feel by controlling my feelings. I spent years in my childhood repressing my feelings and basically leaving them on auto pilot; very important lesson to learn. At the age of twenty-eight I carry the energy of a mellow, calm, quick thinking rascal.

British Columbia Adventure

This is a photo from the BC Ferries. 

Two years ago I ventured off to Victoria, British Columbia. My aunt lives in the city whom I call my nan. She has the warmest heart, four children and currently growing her hair out in a silver like fashion. Her hair is actually silver… It’s incredible. We caught up over a number of glasses of wine and sits. Meditation has become a huge part of my life and I was pleased to hear her interest in what I’ve been practicing. During my stay there was an enormous storm, actually, straight to the point one of her trees in the front yard fell over onto the driveway; THANKFULLY, no one was hurt. We had some local arborists arrive almost immediately after it happened. Very grateful for the tree service they provided as we were not only in shock but we were also stuck. The cars were in the garage and we were all grateful for that, it’s interesting how things like this come about.  Read More

This is where the magic happens


Going to start this blog off strong with a little bit about why I do what I do; number one, my family. I believe I have one purpose on this planet, that’s to give love. I grew up with an incredible support system and am blessed to say that without my family I would not be where I am today. I always do my best so I don’t have lingering regrets, I persevere when times are tough and enjoy doing so, I love hiking and avocados take the cake for a snack. Enough about this whole “I” thing, if you would like to tell me about who you are and perhaps make a new friend (me) email me at and we can talk about the ocean floor or something epic.

If you click on “something epic” I’ll say right now that it will bring you to my homepage. I believe that’s what I’m going to make this thing, something epic. Who knows where it will go, we’ll have to wait and see, there is only so much time in a day.


Sleep well friends,

Ms. King